WP-4 In silico tools

WP leaders: Xavier Pepin, Sanofi-Aventis Research and Development and Amin Rostami, University of Manchester

The objectives of WP4 are:

  • Data collection and data management.
  • Set up and establish model quality indicators to account for improvements from the initial gap analysis using current tools and throughout the project to monitor the ‚Ä®‚Ä®progresses made.
  • Refinement of integrative in silico tools for bioavailability anticipation by developing enhanced physiological data base, new model algorithm and new in vitro inputs in link with WPs 1-3.
  • Development of framework for API formulation type selection and identification of biowaiver (in vitro BE) opportunities based on predictive models.
  • Dissemination and propagation of information related to model based drug development concerning oral absorption.

In essence the objectives proposed within WP4 are intimately linked with the achievements of WPs1-3. Indeed, integrative tools will make use of the measured values for solubility, permeability, and precipitation rate and of the physical models of these, which will come from WP1-3. By iterative approaches, and the testing of several inputs to the models coupled to model refinements, the ultimate aim is to progress in terms of quality of bioavailability anticipation.