OrBiTo gets multiple awards at AAPS annual meeting, the worlds largest pharmaceutics conference!

OrBiTo researchers received multiple awards at the AAPS annual meeting. AAPS is the worlds largest pharmaceutics conference and the winners were:

  • Andrés Olivares-Morales (Manchester) : AAPS Graduate Student Research Achievement Award in PK, PD, and Drug Metabolism and Clinical Pharmacology and Translation Research
    • Predicting the higher bioavailability observed for oxybutinin’s OROS formulation compared to the immediate-release (IR) tablet using a novel simplified absorption PBPK model
  • Philip Jonas Sassene (Copenhagen): AAPS Lipid-Based Drug Delivery Graduate Student Award
    • In vivo precipitation of poorly soluble drugs from lipid based formulations
  • Bart Hens (Leuven): AAPS Oral Absorption Focus Group Graduate Student Award
    • Precipitation of posaconazole upon entry in the upper small intestine in man

In addition, OrBiTo overall were very visible at the meetng with 7 posters and a symposium on PBPK in the plenary lecture also was live streamed.